Grades 1/2 (U8) Soccer

4 v 4 with 4 x 12 min. quarters

Still small sided play at this age to encourage running, jumping, and kicking coordination and more action for every player.  It allows more opportunities for shooting, passing, and dribbling the ball.  Players learn both offense and defense in small sided play.  

Offsides: none

Penalty kicks: none

Goal kick: taken anywhere along the goal line over which the ball traveled; ball placed 2-3 yds into the field; defenders standing at least 4 yds away from ball

Corner kicks: taken from the corner closest to where ball left the field

Pass-ins: direct kicks with all other players 4 yds from ball

Throw-ins: none (eye-hand coordination to execute a throw-in is not yet developed and may hold up play; also leads to intentional passes rather than teamwork at this level)

No slide tackles


Practices should incorporate as much touch time with balls, dribbling, juggling, 1v1, alternating use of L and R side of foot.  Games and other activities can be found on the US Youth Soccer website under U8.